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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> now at 11:00 the teenager set ablaze on a bus is coming home. teachers and students mourn over a teacher coming up. in dire need of food and turkeys. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. sasha fleischman is about to go home from the hospital. it is just in time for the gender neutral teenager to be
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home. >> we are glad sasha is able to come home. >> reporter: the 18-year-old set on fire earlier this month, both parents couldn't be happier. >> we are just thrilled. it is so great just before thanksgiving. >> 3 weeks ago sasha's skirt was set on fire. sasha doesn't identify with male or female. the suspect is 16 and charged as an adult with multiple crimes. he was in court tuesday . he didn't enter a plea. sasha's mother is thankful.
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>> a big shout out to everyone. we have been able to make it through. we have had so much support from the community, from friends, from family and strangers. we are thrilled about that. we are thankful for that. >> reporter: the 16-year-old is expected to enter a plea december 20th. the court argues he should be tried as a juvenile, but he will be tried as an adult. >> sasha's parents want him to be tried as a juvenile. he was expected to enter a plea, but the judge moved the appearance date.
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a bart train pulled into the west oakland station and the under carriage came off. you can see passengers waiting on the platform. many were not allowed in the gate. the piece was taken off the track with minimal delays. thousands of students came together to honor john webb, the corrector at john f. kennedy school. a vigil in his honor. many that a attended say he was doing what he loved to do, help someone out.
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>> reporter: the man spent his whole life serving others. >> if you were in his classroom, he would make sure he knew your weak point and strong points and would pus you. >> reporter: the coach was helping someone with their car and directing traffic when he was hit. coach webb was someone who could brighten anyone's day. >> this is sad. this is hard. it hasn't hit me. >> he would talk to us about
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anything. in p.e. or talk to you about going. >> reporter: everybody i talked to says he will be dearly missed. >> for many in the bay area, thanksgiving is about being with family. the first fortunate is where many don't have a plate to eat or give. food banks are falling short on supplies. close to 800 turkeys. the food bank. >> reporter: these boxes were all full of turkeys. now they are empty.
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between monday and tuesday, 500 families lined up. >> phonationsknownations kept coming without a place. >> it is our hope that it is going to be really close. >> reporter: more need this holiday. >> the e essentials, food,
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water, come tomorrow the turkeys could not be enough. no family will be turned away. >> reporter: we have had overcast skies. this next system will push toward the bay area and keep them out of fries freezing rain. hayward is 51. 53 in daly city. more coming up in a bit. . >> how police say they got their suspected. >> some don't have to wait
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until after thanksgiving to get good deals.
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. >> police say officers have arrested this man who lured a female through the internet to have sex. a 25-year-old from walnut creek was going to meet in a parking lot a 14-year-old. he met police. he is in jail on a $105,000 bond. it took 20 years, but a murder is solved. i am dan kerman. more stores will open thank you. will you be shopping? >> no i will be with my family.
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>> reporter: coming up, why the early openings. >> inside edition looks at things you are probably doing wrong. tonight after the news.
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. >> authorities say they have
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cracked a 20-year-old case. the exwife and her husband are accused of crime. what prosecutors say is the motive. >> to give closure to the family is huge. >> 50-year-old william and 58- year-old cheryl 1990 murder. they were stabbed to death in castro valley. now evidence was heating up 3 years ago. >> time works for us . the two are no longer together.
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>> reporter: the family members were overwhelmed by emotions during the press conference. >> finally we can begin to close this chapter. >> they also learned hours following the body being found cheryl and billy drove to reno where they were married. >> both facing murder charges in the cold case. we are 2 days away from thanksgiving. for shoppers that is 3 days until black friday. those shoppers don't have to
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wait until then if they don't want to. they are shopping on thanksgiving day. >> reporter: some are looking for bargains. >> i am looking for the deals. >> reporter: mace >> reporter: macy's is open is thanksgiving. >> they want to extend hours. >> reporter: he says the shorter shopping season means businesses must do what they can to squeeze the margins.
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>> there is margin pressure. you want to extend ours of operation. >> there are no plans to be in the car shopping. >> i think it is hard for people to be with pam low. >> i family. >> a lot of people don't have the time. they can come back and start shopping if they east at's. >> whether it was worth if for stores to open their doors will come out. >> reporter: visibility is great, not a lot of fog.
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that is a friend over the next few days. there will be rain thanksgiving. santa crus is likely to stay drive. we can look at overnight lows. sansanta rosa 50. afternoon highs, 65 for palo alto. (= 64 in richmond. a lot of the slightly cooler.
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62. we have rain to the south. travel along i-0. it will clear up moving into the work week. thank you night on con-for. it is at 8:30 or go to con4 dot com replacing their center, gary has sports next.
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. >> good evening warriors in new orleans. anthony davis free to roam. clay thompson. a 17 year veteran game in at 17, 18 points.
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warriors up 3. new orleans within a point. rolls around and out. and the warriors hang on. out key players. they are in dallas tomorrow. cal and stanford working. pittsburgh too good. 88-67. stanford goes down. in maui. hello. they have the kid at duke how about tyler ennis? the bears are 5 and 1. trouble on the hill top. usf the most important player,
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cody dulan has quit the basketball team. he led in assists and steals for most of the last three years. when you have kids quit on you that are respected, there is something going on. he will finish his education. officially activated today. crabtree z hasn't appeared. look for him. we have a facebook question.
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the deal is do you think the 49ers are back on track after -- we may send crews to people's homes. we will take stuff from our radio show and have people yell at each other. everybody yells it will be -- >> i want to win the television. >> why not. if oregon state beats beats
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stanford and i said here is your t.v. no. thanks. >> you made a bit. . >> he should have taken the television home. . >> what station is chris anchoringg well the bids for the charity are $90,000 to have lunch with derek jeter. there are men and women that would do that.
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miranda lambert fights back. >> the singer blasts reports that she had stomach stapling surgery. >> alec baldwin. did he lose his msnbc show. >> that's about to change. >> then, video outrage. the dad in hot water for choking then tossing his baby. >> that is not funny. >> and the death of brian. >> no, brian. >> uproar of the killing off of the beloved character from family guy. >> plus, the baseball wife who threatened her husband with a hatchet. >> you show up -- >> this was in my purse. >> you


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